Wash And Fold Laundry

Far Rockaway, NY

Are you looking for a great wash and fold laundry near Far Rockaway, NY? Look no further than 2 Green Notes Inc. At 2 Green Notes, we're not only a super wash and fold laundry, but we are also a 24-hour laundromat as well. So, if you've had a busy day but have a pile of clothes you need to wash, drop by anytime night or day. Our machines are in great condition, and we have everything at hand that you need to turn out the perfect wash. Having a 24 hour Laundromat nearby means you won't keep dirty clothes lying about until you can find time to go to a laundromat with limited hours. Whenever you have the time, we are open and ready to provide our service. There's no need to spend your hard earned cash on a washer and dryer when 2 Green Notes Inc. is open day and night to serve you. We're affordable, green and convenient. Don't worry if you don't have change, we are ready to provide all the change, soap and accessories you need to do your laundry. We offer comfortable seating and a place to fold your laundry once it's done. For customers who simply don't have the time to do a laundry themselves, call and ask about 2 Green Notes cost-effective and skilled laundry service. At 2 Green Notes Inc., we care about the environment and the size of our carbon footprint. That's why we only use green products that are gentle on the planet and won't add to our environmental woes. Green products are great for your clothing too. Lacking the harsh chemicals found in traditional detergents, green products are gentle on your clothes.

2 Green Notes Inc. is the only wash and fold laundry you'll ever need. Since we're a 24-hour laundromat, feel free to stop by anytime. Once you've experienced our great facility and service, you'll come back regularly to clean your clothes.