Coin Laundry

Cedarhurst, NY

Folks in Cedarhurst, NY need a reliable coin laundry which also provides laundry services. At 2 Green Notes Inc., we have everything you need to get and keep your clothes clean. We have great, efficient machines that are gentle on the environment. We are a green company, so you're helping the planet by using our services. We also provide green cleaning products. You can wash, dry and use our folding tables. You'll be able to clean your clothes and carry them back home neatly. If you're out of change, no need to worry. At 2 Green Notes Inc., we are always ready to change your dollars so you can use our coin-operated machines. If you've ever found it difficult to get your laundry done due to laundromats with restricted hours, have no fear. At 2 Green Notes Inc., we're open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whenever you want to do a laundry, we're open and ready to accommodate you. You'll never be faced with a room full of dirty clothes again. Why not put off buying a washer and dryer and simply use our services to keep your laundry clean and fresh? Sometimes it's hard to devote the time needed to wash a load of clothes. This is especially true when you have more than one load to do. Why not use 2 Green Notes Inc. laundry service? We'll professionally do your laundry for you so you won't have to alter your schedule. Our pricing is reasonable.

So, if you need a coin laundry or laundry services, we're always open. Whether you lack a washer and dryer or if you own the appliances, but they're not working, we've got you covered. Why not drop by 2 Green Notes Inc. and go home with clean and green laundry?